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  • I never give feedback to a new reader right away, but I have verified more than one thing to be true from this advisor that I felt compelled to otherwise. This lady is on point and the honesty she has is a huge plus for me. I can't wait to see everything else unfold in her predictions but I feel it will! Worth a call and def will call again!
  • I spoke to several advisors on here .... most were negative and felt like they were just guessing but Autumn was absolutely amazing. Read my situation like a book and empowered me. I cried because of how down I was feeling from hearing other advisors say he seeing his ex and or he's just selfish but I knew in my heart it's not true. Autumn I can't wait to give you an update on the progress from now on. Thank you!
  • First time call... and I wish I found her long ago. One of the few who has the ability to look deep beneath the surface, then takes what she finds to help integrate and grow. Kind, sensitive and especially talented.

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